ASEAN Super 8 Virtual Connect Exhibition Webinar On Demand

Southeast-Asia’s exciting and extensive virtual exhibition for the built environment ended successfully held on 1 – 30 November 2021 from 10am – 6pm (GMT+8). ICW & ASEAN Super 8 Virtual Connect Exhibition aims to digitally connect global built environment industry players with real-time trade opportunities.

ICW & ASEAN Super 8 Virtual Connect Exhibition focus key segments of the built environment namely Building & Construction, Engineering, HVAC, Power and Energy, Solar, Lift & Escalator, Heavy Machinery and Security.

Webinar On Demand is Now Available to Watch!

ASHRAE Conference

APSA Conference

ASIS APAC Conference

MPIA Conference

How Does Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design help to reduce crime?

Korea Elevator Industry Trend and Safety Agency

Tackling the Impact of COVID-19 on Construction Projects (From the Legal Perspective) – Session 2

Building Construction Landscape through Big Data Supply Chain: A Strategic Tool for Technology Shifts

Strategizing Value of Affordable Housing in Malaysia

Sharing of Knowledge and Experience on Hospital Support Services by Healthcare Facilities Manager

What Causes House Prices to Remain Unaffordable?

Cloud-Based Contract Administration System for PAM Standard Form of Contract

Public & Road User Safety – Construction Works Adjacent to and Above Roadways

Control Measure Introduction of Manual on Erosion and Sediment Control in Malaysia

Recalibration Programme

Building Quality Assessment Using SMART Technology

The Way Forward for IBS Industry: A Journey Towards Construction Betterment

Developing a Greener Built Environment & The Race Towards Net Zero Energy Buildings

Is Concrete Floor Cracks Avoidable?

Regulating Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Inspector of Works

Project Planning Feasibility and Interface Risk Analysis – The Contractor’s Perspective

Global Projects Opportunities

Types of Standard Form of Building Contracts used in Malaysia & the Role of the Contract Admin / S.O

Safe Use of Falsework and Scaffolding in Construction