The International Construction Transformation Conference (ICTC) is back for the second year  in conjunction with ICW 2019!

Technology and innovation are essentials elements in construction. Innovation is key in achieving quality improvement, productivity, environmental sustainability and also global competitiveness. ICTC 2019 presents world renowned speakers who will share success stories and discuss the different approaches in which to enhance construction industry performance. Many industries are taking full advantage of the Industry 4.0 in enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness – the construction industry cannot afford to be left behind.

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex, putting tremendous pressure and effort to deliver in time and on budget. With new material invented and innovated, new energy sources discovered, innovative design approaches and advancements in big data analytics, the construction industry need to re-look, re-think and re-strategise the way we build, beyond 2020.

The topics highlighted in this conference aligned with aspirations of the industry as outlined in the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) 2016 – 2020.


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